Common Resume Mistakes & Resume Tips

Writing a professional CV is complicated. Making sure the right details in a right order to influence the employers. Recruiters received hundreds of CV’s for a vacant position on a daily basis.  It is very important to grab their attention within the seconds of opening a CV. How do you create a perfect CV, let’s take a glance;

Resume Writing- Do’s and Don’ts

  1. How to Start: Initiate your CV with your full name, photo, marital status, languages spoken and current contact details. Including father’s name, home address, spouse and children details are unnecessary.
  2. Highlight your education:Academic Credentials requires to be added just after the personal details, add the highest degree/ diploma and professional certificates.
  3. Most Recent Experience:Highlight your most recent experience on the top and include the rest below. Make sure to make it short and crisp to explain your responsibilities you handled. You can add a few bullet points which not necessarily need to be full sentences.
  4. Failing to Proofread/Edit:Your vast and exceptional experience will be disregarded if you have grammatical or spelling mistakes in your resume. Proof reading the CV and cover letter before you send to the employer is very crucial.
  5. Immature Email Id:The email id you’ve posted on your resume should be professional, probably with your first and last name which is only to be used for job search and networking. Since your email Id is posted on the CV, make sure to check your emails regularly.
  6. Don’t Keep it too short or long:The ideal resume should be maximum 2 pages, don’t try to exaggerate and brag too much on the CV. Just put pointers explaining your experiences and stress on the important responsibilities. Cover letter gives you opportunity to express yourself more.
  7. Be Honest: Just to get the job, don’t lie on your experience and put fake company names on your resume. It will not lead you anywhere but you could be banned after your truth is revealed.
  8. Accomplishment:Adding awards, certificates and another achievement will bring positive value to the CV.
  9. Font Size:Use professional size and font to write your CV. Stick to the basics, Arial and Times New Roman are your best bet.
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