How to do Candidate Database search on Hozpitality

Video Transcription

Welcome back to Hozpitality. Today, we are talking about an important topic. How do we do database search? So, first of all, you have to log in as an employer into your account. Once you have logged in, you can actually do database search. Now, obviously, you have to go the Client Home, look at Search Candidates CVs. Once you have Search Candidates CVs, you would see a box which is Search Criteria. Let's say, you're looking for a waiter. You would put "waiter" here. There are two different types of searches here: Natural Search and Boolean Search. Boolean Search is more complex. And you can use different conditions and wrap them in brackets, sales or manager.

Leave Searchable Folders as database CVs. Nationality, you can pick up nationalities here, if you'd like to. Gender, you can pick up Male or Female, if you'd like to. Age Group, if you'd like to pick up any of these age groups. Department, obviously, he'll be F&B, Food and Beverage Service, but I'll leave it blank for now. Industry, Hotels, Clubs and Spa, Restaurant, Bars and Cafe. We'll leave it for now, blank. Level, you can pick up what level. He obviously will be a staff-line level or fresher. And what is the current location?

And then languages, if he speaks any language, you want a waiter who speaks only German or French. And then this is very important: Registration Date. So, let's say, you want waiters who have registered in the last 28 days for sure or let's keep it three months. And then do a search here. Once you do a search, every CV which will have a "waiter" word in it the last three months will show on the search. So we have here these candidates. So this is United States of America. This is U.A.E. Candidate is based in U.A.E. This is Tunisia, Turkey, Spain, Morocco.

Now, these know, they filled up all these details. The current location is Africa, English, Spanish, and French, Food and Beverage Service. Now, these are basic details, and then if you click on this, from here, you can actually download the CV. It's a free download once you have an account on the website. And database search is given to you. It's free download. Unlimited downloads are available on the site. Good luck on your candidate search.

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