Tips for searching the right Hospitality Job

  1. Networking
    Keep in touch with old colleagues, maintain good relationship with a recruiter and other industry professionals. Referrals still work great in many places, companies, half of the jobs are never published, they are recruited through referrals.

  2. Find your niche
    Recruitment has become a fish market with many sources, finding your niche here is very important. There are country/ segment specific vertical/ horizontal websites that specialise in their field. Make sure to find your niche and apply through the right channel to reach the right employer.

  3. Always read the Job Description before you apply
    Every job position comes with a Job Description, it tells about the scope of work. Before you apply for any job vacancy, make sure you match the JD. If your profile matches the employer’s JD, you have higher chances of getting hired.

  4. Nationality Barrier
    Some positions demands certain Nationalities to handle the job, it could be based on the work culture, ethics or job role. Respect the employer and never jump on the role unless it demands.

  5. Languages Required
    Some jobs would require knowledge of the language for the specific region/geographical area to cater the clients. Be honest in providing the information on your profile.

  6. Make sure you are applying for the same Industry Jobs
    Companies hire a person to delegate responsibilities, in hospitality industry the employer often wants the candidates from the similar background.

  7. Do some research about the company before Face to Face interview
    Make sure to research about the company and their culture before you go meet the employer as it always gives the positive impression about you and your interest in joining the company!

  8. Last but not the least work on the CV
    Make sure your CV is presentable, includes a photo, current contact details( on the top of the page ) and your experience is well described and professionally designed. For assistance with your CV design, you can visit our CV Design page

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