Hospitality Interview Tips 

Interviews can be intimidating, one of the major fears for many. At the interview, the interviews wants to know your skills, the sense of intelligence, the emotional quotient and more about your personality traits. Depending on the role, one can be asked several questions, personals and professional.

Let’s go through a few tips before proceeding for an interview;

Hospitality Interview Tips

  1. Research about the company:
    Make sure to research about the company before attending an interview. The company size, market value, their clients, the specialty etc. This would put a great impression on the interviewer as they would often ask. Do you know about our company?

  2. Research about the recruiter:
    Do a bit of research on the interviewer as well. Before going for an interview, inquire about the interviewer’s name and designation. Further detailing is easier on the web, find out where he has worked in the past and if you have any mutual connection. There could be someone you both know, remember referrals still work the best and you have higher chances of getting hired.

  3. Dress Appropriately:
    It totally depends on the culture of the company but dressing with modesty is the key. Make sure you are well groomed. The interview normally starts as soon as you knock the door. First impression is the last impression, especially in hospitality industry where one interacts with customers on the daily basis.

  4. Keep your printed CV ready:
    Make sure to have a file handy with a printed CV ( basic personal and professional details), your credentials in case required by the client.

  5. Be Confident:
    Confidence is vital at the time of the interview. Listen and understand a question carefully and answer with confidence. If you didn’t understand, there is no harm in asking politely again.

  6. Be Honest:
    Being honest is very important for a job. Hundreds of people work in the hotel in a team, showing a sense of honesty and team working ability will enhance your chances to get hired.

  7. Ready to be open:
    Openness in hospitality industry counts. Openness in the sense, open to work for longer hours, open to work in a large team, open to work in different shifts etc.

  8. Strong Communication Skills:
    Hospitality industry requires a lot of interaction with guests, strong communication skills and knowledge of different languages add volume to the profile.
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